OGYouTube APK Download (Official) Latest Version For Android

Because this application is very attractive. OGYouTube Apk Download 2023 is YouTube itself but with more unique features inside it. So if you want to explore this YouTube-modified version, you have the download link below. You can download this application without any issues. And also do not worry about the problems that occur while you use a mod apk. So this is just free to use and developed by Team Vanced.

If you are a YouTube lover, then This is the right place for you to be. So the official YouTube is so famous now that no one can replace it. It stands as one of the top browser applications of all time. The official YouTube has a lot of features. But still, if you want to explore more features with extra options and all, you should know about this ogyoutube apk application. This is one of the most loved applications by the users.

Team Vanced are trusted developer. They are very good at developing such kinds of applications. So this application is a modified version of YouTube. YouTube Premium is unlocked here. And also many other features have been set up for you to use.

Download Apk 

What is OG Youtube apk download?

You can use this youtube with all premium features. Very well-developed application with lots of features. You should all know that this doesn’t cause any problems for the user account or any of the data provided by you all. Safety comes first whenever you are up to using these kinds of mod apks. This is a secured application and not a problematic one.

OG youtube is a modified version of YouTube. It is a mod apk that has been released with more exciting features and much more content. This YouTube version is so good that it is used by so many people nowadays. There are a lot of similar youtube mod apks but this stands as the best one.

Same youtube interface you will see but with extra features and options. Official YouTube has the premium subscription option if you need to go premium. But this version of youtube doesn’t need any premium subscription and all. You will not need to pay anything for any part of the youtube. YouTube Premium is directly unlocked here.

Existing Features Of OG Youtube Download the latest version

Premium subscription and all premium are unlocked for you in the OG youtube mod apk. This has a user-friendly interface with extra Customization options. You can also see no ads while watching a video or other movies. So you should read this article completely so that you can clear all your doubts easily.

Some of the features of this Microg for Ogyoutube are mentioned here. So you shall go through it. As you know about the features of the official YouTube application. Normally you will see more features on official YouTube that too some of them are restricted because if you want to unlock them all you should buy a premium subscription.

  • Ads Free: You will not see any ads like the official YouTube application. You are free from watching ads. No sponsored ads will be shown and no activities like this are performed.
  • Downloading Videos: The download option is seen in this OG YouTube application. If you think this is a normal download option which you will get in the official YouTube application. It is not the same. You should know this download option is the one which downloads your movies or videos into your device folder or internal storage.
  • PIP Mode option: You know about multitasking. So this OG youtube will give you the multitasking option that is in the form of PIP mode. You can run videos in the background and use any other app at the same time.
  • Background video Player: The background music player is the one which you will not see in the official YouTube application. So this mod apk will offer you the option to play the videos in the background.
  • Inbuilt Music Player option: OG youtube Apk has an inbuilt music player inside it. You can use it to stream music of different categories and also any songs for free. And that too without any ads.

User-friendly Interface

OG youtube has the most astonishing interface to use. This mod apk is not like other crashed apps which are there at present. This has a proper interface in which we can get involved easily without any problems and that too without any guides. Everyone can use this mod apk because it has an interface like that. Similar to YouTube but with more recommendations and much more content. Small kids to old persons can use this mod Apk easily.

Background Video Player

Minimizing your screen you can easily watch any kind of videos without any problems or any kind of issues. You will surely get the best result if you do so. Because this is an inbuilt feature of this application that does the trick. This OG youtube Vanced has background play support and many other features related to this. You can stream any of your favorite content on this OG YouTube and minimize your screen to use any other applications while you are running this in your background.

Inbuilt Music Player feature

This is an awesome feature that enables you to watch music videos and songs for free and also in the background. So there is no condition for you to always be on YouTube to stream the songs and music videos. You can go into any of the YouTube videos and then go back to your Home Screen so that you can enjoy your background music for free. This is one of the methods you can use to watch music videos for free and in the background.

Video Downloading option

So this OG YouTube gives you the option to download the videos easily with just one click and also you can download those into your internal storage or your device folder without using any kind of third-party application to do so. This is an inbuilt feature of this OG youtube application.

You will be seeing the download option on every YouTube version. You will see something similar to that in this OG YouTube also. You can download any content for free even if it is premium. With the highest quality involved, you can stream all the videos for free and watch all the movies, Tv shows, and series for free and download those easily.

Dark Mode and light mode

You all know about the dark mode and light mode. So in this OG YouTube, you can see dark mode at a very different level. Switching to dark mode will reduce your battery consumption and also your device’s performance. Dark mode helps you to watch the videos safely without damaging your eyes. At any condition and situation, you can switch between both dark and light modes. We recommend using dark mode because it is safe for everyone and doesn’t cost us anything to switch to dark mode. So enjoy the dark mode and enjoy a variety of experiences.

High-Quality Video Streaming

You will see high-quality watching in normal YouTube applications also. But you will not get a special type of feel when watching it. So you should not worry about the quality of streaming because this OG Youtube latest version provides you with various kinds of download qualities and also streaming qualities. 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720, 1080p, 2k, and also in 4k you can watch. The best quality resolutions are mentioned here. You can select any of those to stream at the same time you can also switch to any other quality while watching a video.

Completely Ads Free

Watching videos on YouTube you will troubleshoot with many ads and more sponsored advertisements. Official YouTube doesn’t give the option to turn those ads off. OG youtube doesn’t give any kind of ads on your device. You can use it freely without any ads. There are many more features than this. So ads will not be displayed while you are watching a video or any content. There will be no ads displayed on any section of your YouTube Home Screen. You can stream ads for free and also this doesn’t cost you anything. It is totally free and very enjoyable.

PIP Mode(Picture in Picture)

PIP is the Picture in Picture mode. If you are streaming any video on YouTube then if you come up with any other work, you should come back from YouTube and then carry on with the other work. So this will not happen here. If you go back you can easily have your YouTube screen in a small margin in your device screen. So the video runs in the background. You can easily stream any music or song and come back to your home screen and then you can use any other applications with ease. That is why OG WhatsApp is the best.

OGYouTube mod APK Review by YouTubeVanced.org

OG youtube app is one of the best and easiest to use applications. It is one of the best mod apks which is rated good by the users. So you shall download this apk and use this as soon as possible. This application is tested by us and also we have taken advice from some of the users to improve this application. These features are very well developed and involved in this site. If you are a good user of this application you will also enjoy the best of it. The extra features that are there in this mod apk will surely amaze you. If you are also having something to say about this mod apk or any advice to provide you shall mention those in the comment section.

Installation Guide/steps For OGYouTube mod APK 2023

Notice: Those who already know about the download and installation process shall proceed with the same process. So the same process to download and install is seen here. Some people might not know how to install this application and don’t know how to download also. So for them, this section is so important. Follow the below instructions so that you can download and install this application easily.

Downloading process

To download the OG YouTube application, you should click on the download option that has been mentioned here. The given download button will redirect you to enter into another page and there also the download option occurs so you shall click on that also and wait until the process completes its download up to 100%.

Download OGYouTube Apk Latest Version

App Name OGYouTube
Supported with Android version 6.0 and Above
Latest Version v13.6
App size 80 Mbps
Platform youtubevanced.online
Monthly searches 1 Million Above

Download v13.6

Download Apk

Installation process

After downloading the file you should install it. So for installation, you should locate the downloaded file and then click on it to see the install option. Then you can click on the install button. Before that you should open your device settings and then turn the enable unknown sources option on. And after this, you shall see the start of the installation process. So this method will be so easy and very much simple to follow. Follow these methods only to process a quick download.

Popular FAQs OF OGYouTube APK latest version

Some of the popular questions asked by the users are mentioned here. If you want that kind of knowledge about this mod apk, you shall read these questions and answers that usually arise in everyone’s mind.

Q1: Is this OGYouTube mod APK available on Play Store application?

This is a third-party developed application that will not be available in the official play store application. Play Store doesn’t support these types of mod apks to be uploaded in it. So you shall just visit the official site of YouTubeVanced.org to experience the modified applications like this. This site also provides you with the best download links to download and install this mod apk. So you can also download this apk in this application itself.

Q2: Is using the OGYouTube mod APK free of cost?

Everything is free when you use the Vanced apps. Vanced applications are all free to use and this is also one of the Vanced mod applications. You shall get everything for free and also you can experience all the features and extra options for free without paying for anything and without buying any subscription package or something.

Q3: How to update the OGYouTube mod APK to the latest version?

Being up to date is a good thing, but this application doesn’t provide you with any updates inside it. So you should only be aware of the latest versions that will be released on this site or the official site. So you can uninstall the previous version and download the latest version again to be up to date. This is the only method that you can do and achieve in terms of using the latest version. YouTubeVanced.org is the official site you can visit and download the latest update.

Q4: Can we install the OGYouTube APK on PC?

This application is not available for PCs yet. But still, you can download and use this on your PCs. This is how you can do it, install an Android emulator and then download this mod apk. You shall use The android emulator to use this application on your PCs. One of our recommendations is to use the blue stack emulator for Android.

Q5: Is it safe to use the OGYouTube mod application?

This is actually an illegal application. So still it is used as a legal application. You should not get this wrong, but you should know all these aspects before using this application. Millions of people use this app and there has been no single issue regarding any problems against this application. So you might also use this application for free and we promise you that this is a safe application that is secured and developed with premium privacy policies.

Q6: Is Using the OGYouTube APK beneficial or not?

It is beneficial because you are going to experience some of the best and unique features that you have not seen before anywhere in any of the mod apks. So you can explore many extra features and options that this application consists of. All the features are inbuilt and not similar to any other features. Considering all these this application is an absolutely beneficial apk for YouTube users.

Last Thought

Finally, you are amongst the users of this OG YouTube apk Download 2023. You will see more users in the future. This mod apk will surely make a good impression in terms of social media platforms. Download and install this mod apk and enjoy the features it has. And also the premium content will be free for you without any ads also. So YouTube is free to stream all the content.

You shall never troubleshoot a single problem. Some of the people who are already using this mod Apk are giving us the advice to improve the application with more exciting features. If you also are lacking something you can tell us about that through the comment section that is there at the end of the page. So install this application and enjoy.

Disclaimer: Our policy is to educate the people for the most knowledge. Make sure that we are not the developers of this application also this site only provides you the information about the OG youtube application and we do not consider that we are the actual developers of this site.

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