Vanced Manager APK Download (Update) v2.6.2 Official 2023

This blog post will surely help you to know about this Vanced Manager APk Download the Latest version 2023 of YouTube Manager. This is an alternate version of YouTube and you can easily download all other Vanced apps in just one click. All the steps to download this apk and also the guidelines to use this app are mentioned in the below article. All the features that you see in this article will be advanced and not similar to the official YouTube application. Therefore you should completely read this article and then you should install this application and enjoy using it.

Team vanced are behind this amazing development of these kinds of applications. This Vanced manager has become so popular in no time that no one expected this in its early stages. You will see more people using this application to install all the vanced versions. This is actually made for only Android devices and we make sure that this version of apk will surely work on each and every device. As you know, the XDA forums are very famous and were in previous years. Master-T was a senior contributor there.

So it was developed by Master-T. This was developed by him and later Team Vanced was officially announced as their project name. So this was a very great move that helped to develop more and more Vanced versions of apks. This application is not going anywhere because it is still live for you people and also it works when you download any Vanced version and use it.

What is the Youtube Vanced Manager?

Download Vanced Manager is one of the best applications which is considered an advanced version of YouTube. The features and the advantages that YouTube cannot give will be available in this application for us. You will see more features in this mod version.

Download Apk 

There are a lot of people who are using this mod version. Similar to this Vanced app you can download all the Vanced apps like this with ease and with just one click. It is a very different app that will allow us to install various YouTube Vanced applications like installing YouTube VancedYouTube Vanced Music, and Vanced MicroG APK. These are all installed so easily that no complex process is needed.

Existing Features Of Vanced Manager apk latest version

Some of the features of Youtube vanced Manager apk are mentioned below. You can go through it to know about the features which are there in this apk. You can easily install this apk and also after installing it you can install more vanced apps like YouTube Music, YouTube Vanced, and many apks similar to these. As we have mentioned this apk is one of the best developed in terms of Vanced Manager Download by team vanced.

  • Primary Features: Youtube vanced has many primary features which are not seen on the official YouTube application. You should know about these all. So Vanced Manager mod apk has features that are special because these are available on only this version of apk. They are night mode, PIP, play in a loop, and many other features.
  • Sponsor Block: This YouTube vanced apk doesn’t contain any kind of ads. Whereas you will see many ads in the official YouTube application. You will not see any ads in a video or in the outro of a video. and you will never see any ads in the middle of watching any video. This is completely an ad-free version.
  • Customization: Customisation has been a major factor that users love to use. This feature is used to customize your YouTube screen as you desire. You can customize any part of the Vanced Manager Apk download with ease.
  • Return YouTube Dislike: This feature has been mentioned below. This feature is great for some users. You can use this as an extension for your browser or else the direct setting option you will see to display the dislike button or else make it invisible. And also you can know how many people have disliked a particular video.
  • Night mode: Night mode is also known as the dark mode. If you cannot afford the light mode you can switch to dark mode easily. This will make your eyes safe and will not let your eye get damaged.
  • Picture in picture: Picture in Picture is also known in a short form as PIP. This feature is usually a very well-developed feature. While watching a video you can go back to any other application but still, you will see the video you were watching on a small screen which is known as Picture in Picture mode.
  • Easy brightness and volume control: Controlling the volume and also brightness has been made easy now. You can control both easily in a simple manner.
  • Play in the loop: Now this feature is also available in the YouTube application. This feature makes your video play in a loop state. This feature has been there since the past in this youtube vanced manager apk.
  • Annoying sponsor advertisements: Now the users are likely to watch the videos without any ads coming in the middle of their streaming. So this version of YouTube will not be giving any ads in the middle of any YouTube video streaming. You can see no ads while watching a video. People won’t like the ads at all. Because it will be distracting the people very much so this is not seen in this YouTube Vanced manager 2023.
  • Auto skip outros or intro: Now in this version of the apk Vanced Manager you can skip the intro part of the video easily. If any video consists of an intro or outro part you can skip using the skip button easily. This is an inbuilt feature of this Manager Vanced apk.
  • Automatically skip a sponsored: This is very well built and developed with an API model. This API will help you to skip the ads if any occur automatically. This feature is not seen anywhere in any applications. If there are any sponsored ads coming in the middle of your video the API model will skip that and let you continue streaming your video.

Customization features of vanced manager apk latest version

Highlights Timeline

You can select some parts of the video and then you can share it with your friends. This highlight feature is good and also can be edited in your desired form. You can highlight any video and cut it into a smaller version and share it with anyone.

HDR Playback

This feature is an inbuilt feature. You can easily stream the videos in high quality. HDR is a quality with high resolution. This increases the video streaming quality to maximum resolution.

Screen resolution controlling

There are many qualities available for you to stream the videos here. You will get many video resolutions to choose from and it’s easy to switch between them.

Changing the default playback

You can change the default playback which you have set on YouTube.

Return YouTube Dislike option new inbuilt feature

As this is a mod version of YouTube you will see more advanced features. This option is more advanced and you can see more features in it. This feature is a dislike button viewer and the people who visit any channel and if they want to dislike the video then they can do it. And also previously this dislike button was not in a running condition. It was not visible to the people. And also this has a great feature that if anyone is having a channel and any viewer has disliked some video it shows up for them. Because of all these situations, Descargar Youtube Vanced manager makes this return dislike button visible to the users.

Installation steps For installing the  APK

Important Massage: You can go to the MIUI post page where you will see its ways of installing the application. Because you will see download errors. Because before downloading or installing this you should know about it and the steps to download it. This is only for MIUI users.

Step 01: First of all you should download the apk provided here. Or else you should download it from the official site. We have provided you with the best download link here. But if you still want the other versions then you can visit the official page of youtube vanced manager apk download.

Step 02: Next when the download will finish you should locate the file where it is downloaded and then you should click on the install button. If it asks for some permissions, you should enable the allow unknown source option in your settings. So that there will be issues while the installation process takes place. If that option has been turned off you cannot install this apk on your device.

  • To enable the option mentioned above you should go to your device settings then under security this option will be available for you to turn on the option.
  • Step 03: After all these processes are completed you will see the apk installed on your device. Later on, you can download the YouTube music Vanced and also the Vanced MicroG apk. Enjoy using it!

Therefore you have the application downloaded. You will see more versions on its official site. You should know about it and download other versions also.

Download Vanced Manager APK

App Name Youtube Vanced Mod Apk
Supported with Android version 6.0 and Above
Latest Version v2.6.2
App size 80 Mbps
Monthly searches 1 Million Above

Download v2.6.2

Download Apk

(Note: Google has converted into split APKs format since the YouTube update has taken place. The Android package installer still does not support split APKs, so use the Vanced Manager for installing Vanced apps.)

Final Words

As you know you can do this with this application if you have installed this. You will see many people using this Download Youtube Vanced manager. As mentioned earlier this was developed by the official Team vanced. You can install any vanced application using this Vanced Manager apk download the latest version. Now this application is not available for you on Google. Because earlier there was some issue and it was removed from the Play Store. This was completely opposing the Google violation policies so it was rejected by Google. But you will see this apk on its official site. You will get all versions for free on its official site. The website’s name is You will get the safest application to download and also many versions so that you can select and download anyone you want.

FAQs ABOUT Vanced Manager APK

1. How to update Vanced Manager apk latest version?

This article consists of the download link for the latest yt vanced manager. So the latest version is available here. You will see more versions to download but the latest version is more fun when you use it.

2. How should we install Vanced youtube manager on MIUI devices?

The same process is to be followed as you download this on every Android device. But the only thing is that you should turn off the MIUI optimization. Because there is no chance to install the application without turning that option off. So be aware of this thing and not be in a confused mode.

3. How to Install Vanced Manager V2 root on Android devices?

For android Devices, you will have the installation option easily. Here we are providing you with the installation file to download the app. After doing it you should select the option “magick” to accept all the permissions and also it grants all the Android root permissions. So then it will be installed easily after doing all this.

4. Any Alternative For YouTube Vanced For iOS devices?

Vanced Manager latest version is still not available for ios devices because it’s still not developed for ios devices. This is now just for Android devices and is not available for ios devices also. You will see some other alternatives for YouTube vanced apk for ios. There is YouTube ++ for ios which are similar to the YouTube vanced manager itself so you can download this use.

5. What actually does the Vanced Manager do?

You can manage YouTube music vanced and also YouTube applications. This version has more exciting features. You can update, install and also set the language for your YouTube and also uninstall the application. You can also choose the themes for your YouTube app. You can also install a more vanced version through this application easily.

6. Return YouTube dislike is not working, what should we do?

YouTube will be having this dislike manager like something where you can see the number of dislikes for your post. So sometimes you will not see the dislike option on YouTube. You should just send the notification to the RYD API. After that, you should enable the RYD integration. Then your settings will be back and you can enable or disable the option of like and dislike easily.

Disclaimer: You should all know that the developers of this application will be available for you on the app. We are not the developers of this vanced application. If you want to connect to them and talk with them you can go into the application and there will be the option to contact them so you can do that. We just educate people about these Vanced applications.

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