YouTube Blue APK Download v13.46.51 July 2023 (Ads free) Android

There will be different categories on Youtube Blue apk Download 2023 to stream and download them. Multiple language videos will be seen on YouTube. As there are many categories and many more different types of videos you will see a larger number of viewers. YouTube is growing in a way that it will rank first in the social media platforms.

You know that YouTube is very popular nowadays. This has been the most powerful social media platform developed by the developers. You will see more features that are liked by the users. YouTube videos are watched daily by the people.

So there are many content creators nowadays. You will see more different categories of content. So people are onto YouTube to earn money and also to watch YouTube videos. So YouTube has been so famous that it’s On a different level.

There are many different options to stream on YouTube. Tv shows, movies, dubbed movies, series, web series, and many other contents will be available for you. Through YouTube people also earn their income by uploading useful content on YouTube.

Download Apk 

So this article is about a mod apk that categorizes youtube. This is a youtube blue apk download which is a mod version of YouTube. You will see more advanced features than normal YouTube. So this version is not a normal version. You will see many different features which will be very much useful for the people. You will see the features it has in the below part of the article.

What is Blue Youtube Apk 2023?

So you will not be getting this application in the official play store app. So you need to download this apk on this site itself. Here we are providing you the best link to download this mod apk. You will see various versions similar to this but this version is very good to use and experience. As this is a third-party developed application you will not get this in official stores.

youtube blue download apk is one of the best mod versions of the official YouTube application. If you want to know about this mod apk completely then you should read this article up to the end. So you will see more advanced features in this mod apk. This is not the same as the official YouTube app. You will see a variety of features like a dislike button and also a dislike count option.

Using YouTube Blue legal or not?

So this will be available for you on this site and on the official site of Vanced Manager. This is developed for people who cannot afford the YouTube premium subscription. So there are multiple extra features that you should explore in this mod apk. So download this and get the best experience.

This application is not a legal version to download and use. But there are safety measures to use this application. Because this is developed by the team vanced. So this is a third-party developed application. You need to know that using this apk is not a problematic thing but this doesn’t have any legal license to get approved and uploaded in the play store.

Existing special Features Of YouTube Blue mod version latest

So let’s have a look around about the features and the extra options that you will get in this mod apk. Just go through these below-mentioned features so that you will get a clear idea about the app.

Zoom In for a full-screen experience

You can watch the videos in full screen and now with an even bigger zooming option. So you should know all these new features which make an impact on the users. In this mod application, you can zoom for better screening, and also the zoom option is better than the older one.

No Advertisements

you will not see any ads while watching a video. This is an inbuilt feature that this application has. This is an integration called as sponsor block feature.

Playing videos in Background

As you can see YouTube application will not give this option to you. This is a premium feature. This app unlocks that feature and you can play the videos in the background and it will not get paused.

Zooming in

zooming videos is seen in the normal YouTube itself but you can zoom more in this youtube blue Mod apk. This feature may be the same but has more zooming options and abilities.

Visible dislike button option

The like and dislike buttons are so crucial for a youtube user because if anyone likes the video they may use the like button to encourage them. So similar to this there was a dislike button so it’s not there now on the official YouTube. So in this mod apk you can get the like and dislike buttons visible to the users.

New blue colored theme

YouTube has a fixed theme and you cannot change it. So that’s why in this blue youtube apk download you can see an extra theme that you can set for your YouTube screen and also you can edit it. So you will be having this theme to attract more people towards you. So this gives YouTube a unique look. So you need to download this application and experience each and every feature that is new and enjoyable.


You all know that YouTube displays many ads while watching a video or some other time. So the ads are not seen in this download youtube blue. You will have a feature called Sponsorblock. So you will never see any ads displayed while watching a video.

Play videos in the background

Many people while watching a video would like to go back and open some other apps in case of any work or something. So this mod Apk will give you the feature to go back while watching a video but still the video is not paused and it will be running in the background. This is a premium feature that has been unlocked and made easy for the users.

HDR high-quality mode

HDR is actually a high-quality movie streaming resolution. This HDR option is available for you in this youtube blue apk Download the latest version. So you shall download and use it. High-quality video streaming can be done through this mod Apk. All the videos which are supported for HDR can be seen easily. So HDR stands for high dynamic range.

New blue-colored theme

This YouTube blue has a unique feature that has the ability to change its theme. A new blue theme has been released in case you get bored of the old theme. You can set this theme and enjoy using it. It’s more attractive than the old theme.

Well-optimized and capitalized

This application is available for only Android devices. You can see the software running smoothly without any slowness in the service it provides. So the interface also matters when you use an application. So this mod Apk is having a user-friendly interface and it will not disappoint anyone in case they use this YouTube blue mod apk. It is very well-optimized and has many features which make this application unique and not a low-level app.

Return YouTube Dislike option

You know about the dislike button already. But this dislike button is not seen on YouTube nowadays. So this mod Apk will give the option to make the dislike button visible and also helps you to keep track of the number of dislikes that have been registered for a video. So if you are a content creator on YouTube this option will be very useful for you. So this rare feature has been developed by the Return YouTube dislike integration (ALPHA)  team. So you can download this in any browser.

Signing in with your Google account

To use YouTube you will be signing in to your account or else you will just create a new account. So similar to that this is also having the same process. But you will get to sign in to this application itself without using any other account to link to this download youtube blue apk.

Guide/steps to install YouTube Blue APK mod version

Notice: This is for you to know that if any security application is found in your device then this application will not be installed on your device. Because this is a mod version and somewhat legal type so you need to know some of the Major points before downloading the application. The installation process has been mentioned below and you just read the guidelines that this application has.

Step 1

Download the mod apk

Using the download link provided here download the application first. Wait until the download has been completed and ready to install. Do not process any errors while downloading the application. And also you should know which browser to use for your safety. All browsers are ok to download this mod apk but some of them may affect your data or the device.

Step 2

Give Permission to Install

After the download has been completed, your downloaded file will be ready to get installed. So just click on the downloaded file and you will see the option to install. So click on the install option. For the installation to start you need to turn on the option called to enable unknown sources.

If you turn on this option your mod Apk will get installed on your device safely. If you do turn this option on, your installation may not start or can be done. So do not worry about the option that you turn on because it doesn’t cause any damage to your device.

Step 3

Open the application

After installation, you will have to open the installed application. Then you can see the YouTube blue mod apk’s Home Screen. You will see many features and extra options. You will not need to buy or purchase something in this mod version. Everything is free, just enjoy and share it with your friends.

Download Youtube Pink Apk

App Name Youtube Vanced Mod Apk
Supported with Android version 6.0 and Above
Latest Version v13.46.51
App size 80 Mbps
Monthly searches 1 Million Above

Download v13.46.51

Download Apk

Some basic requirements

Some of the main requirements that are required to install this application on your device are mentioned here. Going through these points you will get a clear idea of what type of device can install this application without any issues.

  • Android 4.4 and above One of the major requirements is that you need to have an Android version of a minimum of 4.4 and so on. This makes a major impact to install this application.
  • Minimum Ram 2 GB required: Your device should have a minimum of 2GB ram. You should know this before installing this application. So a minimum of 2GB ram is compulsory.
  • Minimum Storage Capacity: Because of the new updates it gets and the size of this app varies along so you need to have a minimum storage of 512mb. This is the minimum storage capacity.
  • Stable Internet: The Internet is so important that if you want to watch any video or movie, you should have a stable Internet connection. Streaming is free but the internet is needed.

Popular FAQs OF YouTube Blue APK mod version

Q1: Does YouTube Blue APK support the sign-in option for the users?

Obviously, there is a sign-in option for all the users. You can sign in to this application using your Google account. Or else you can create a new one using the signup option. YouTube blue mod Apk supports the sign-in option and after signing up you can enjoy the ownership features of the YouTube blue mod version application.

Q2: Is YouTube Blue APK safe to use?

Yes, this modified version of YouTube is absolutely safe for all. This is just a mod version and not available in the play store. These kinds of applications are illegal to develop but they are safe and with more features they are developed. So this app is trusted by so many people and also it has millions of users already and they did not face any kind of problems related to this application.

Q3: Is Youtube blue download uptodown available for iOS devices?

This is not available for ios users because it is only developed for Android devices. Any Android device can download this application. So it is not possible for you to download this application for your ios devices.

Q4: Can I download YouTube videos using the YouTube Blue mod version APK?

You can download the videos but you cannot share them or save those videos on your devices. It will just be saved in YouTube’s download section. The option that you seek is available on the YouTube Go mod apk. So visit the site and download that application also if possible. You will see the share option and also to save it in your device files.

Q5: Is YouTube Blue mod APK legal to use or not?

If we see this question in a technical manner it is not legal to use this application. But in terms of safety and some of the legit, it has it is good to use this mod Apk. Already so many people have downloaded this app and enjoy using it. So you should also take part in downloading this application. For better use and experience, you should surely download this application without any other thoughts on your mind.

Q6: How to install YouTube Blue mod APK on Android devices?

It is very easy to install. For the installation steps, you need to read this article. The installation guide is provided for you in the above part of the article. Go through it and you can easily download and install this mod Apk on your device. Just follow the steps mentioned above because those simple steps are so easy to execute.

Disclaimer: YouTube Blue is an advanced version of the official YouTube app. The features which it contains are advanced and newest for now. You will see more features than it is in the official YouTube application. This YouTube mod version is not similar to YouTube Premium but it is almost similar to it. This is just a YouTube with a lot more features and with a blue color theme and combination.

Last Thought:

So download this youtube blue apk download 2023 application with ease. Installing steps are mentioned above so that you can through them and know about the installation steps. Follow all the guidelines before using this application. And also know about the legal policies which come into care when you use these types of mod apks which are officially announced as illegal. Still, there are more versions like this you will know about it later.

Download this application and explore all the new features which are there in this mod version. You will see more extra features when you use this mod apk. You should experience the blue theme which is a new one in this zone. And also you shall see a variety of unknown options and useful features. We recommend you use this mod apk because this is more advantageous than the official YouTube app.

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