YouTube Pink APK Download v18.21.34 July 2023 latest Version

And also this youtube pink apk provides you with the best pink-colored theme. You will be so attracted to it that nothing comes in front of you. You will see many more options that are not available to you in the official YouTube application. You should be able to experience this apk then only you will know about this mod apk completely. Or else just read this article completely you will know about this mod application.

Are you all ok with the ads that you will be seeing on YouTube? There will be many ads coming and going while watching a video in the YouTube app. This mod apk here youtube pink apk download 2023 will surely demolish all those issues and provide you with the latest features where you will not see any ads or any type of sponsored ads in this mod apk of YouTube Pink. This mod Apk has made so many changes in the social media platform. Because this mod apk unlocks all the YouTube premium features.

What actually is the Youtube Pink download?

YouTube Pink is a modded version of the official YouTube application. So many people do not know about this mod apk. You will see more people who do not know about all these mod apks. So if you are one of them then you are at the right place to know about this mod version of YouTube Pink. So all the features inside this application are advanced and not similar to any other applications present now.

Download Apk 

No one will provide you with all the premium features for free but this mod version provides you with all the premium features unlocked for you and for free. Downloading has been easy and also this application is not available for you in the official play store app. But surely you will get the chance to download this application for free on this site itself. The download link has been provided. Just go through the installation steps mentioned in the below part of the article and install the app with ease.

Some of the Main Features Of the YouTube Pink APK mod version

The below-mentioned features are some of the features that are there in this youtube pink apk download old version. So these features are very different from other applications. You will not see these features residing in any other applications like this.

Therefore go through the below-mentioned features and also know about the extra options that you will get. Finally using this apk will be very attractive for you all. There are many features that you should know about this mod version. For now, go through these features so that you will feel amazed.

Amazing Pink Theme

The name itself says that this version of YouTube will be available for you in pink color. So you can set the theme as pink. There is a very good theme available for you to set up for this mod apk.

You should know that each and every section will be of pink color itself. Girls will surely love the color and it is so attractive that if anyone sees the theme they will love it for sure.

Play in Background Mode

The background music option is a very good one because you can stream the movies and also at the same time you can open up any other application and use it. This is a very good feature. If you are listening to a song and someone has texted you.

Then you can open the chat and chat with them easily and the song will be playing in the background. This feature is loved by many people. These are the premium features you will get when you subscribe to YouTube Premium by paying for them. It’s all unlocked for you in this Pink Youtube Apk.

Videos On Repeat continuously

Repeating the same video can also be done here. Easily you should turn on the option to repeat the videos. The video you want to get repeated will be repeated continuously. Until you stop or pause the video it will be continuously running on the app or in the background.

This feature is not seen in any other applications. You will see this option in your music players or any other music-related Apps. So this feature you are getting in the YouTube application. This is not seen anywhere on any video streaming platforms.

Watching the same On large screens

You can watch all the videos and movies on your Tv. You should just connect your Tv to your mobile device with the Same wifi. So that your Tv will get connected to your mobile.

The same video which you will see on your mobile will be displayed there. Before that, you need to connect your Tv with a Tv code as usual. Then you will be able to watch all the videos from the pink youtube apk download on large screens.

No Country/region Restrictions

You can change your country simultaneously and without any limit. If you troubleshoot a problem like you cannot watch some of the movies on this YouTube.

You can easily change your region and watch the movie at the same time. Any time you can do this without any issues. You should know which country has permission to watch some particular movies and then change your region. So this feature is seamless for the users.

  • Pink color themes will be available for you and also you can edit the theme in case you want to edit.
  • You can also customize the application as you want. Even when you are watching a movie you can customize it as you desire.
  • You can see the videos repeatedly and also repeating so many times will not make you stop watching that video again.
  • You can switch between dark mode and light mode. You can set it to dark mode if your battery consumption is more.
  • PIP mode is available for you to stream videos by using any other application. The video will be playing in the background and also you can edit it to where it should be placed on your screen.
  • There is a feature called slider alignment. Using this feature you can easily set up your video’s brightness or else the screen’s brightness.
  • Its interface can be configured easily by double tapping on the pink.
  • It is totally ad-free and doesn’t provide you with any ads in the middle of nowhere. So don’t worry about the ads because they never appear in front of you.
  • You can watch any video easily even if it is restricted in your country by just changing your region. It is now made easy to change the region anytime you want.
  • You can also save your mobile data. You can turn on the option called save mobile data then you can stream the videos. It consumes less data than usual.
  • Wide collections of categories and videos. There will be attractive recommendations for you to watch. They will be right on the Home Screen of your Pinky Youtube Download.
  • You can easily watch the same video on your Tv by connecting the same wifi with your mobile device and Tv. It is very simple to do. The same videos will be available for you on your large screens.
  • It is an easy-to-use interface and you will not need any guide to use this apk. Surely you will love this apk because of the features and options it has.

Double Tap Close the new option

Double tap close option is normally seen on your mobile devices to unlock or unlock the screen. The same option is right here in this application.

If you want to close the tap or the application, you can just double tap on the screen and the app will be closed or it will go to sleep mode. The YouTube Pink application has this amazing feature. This is very useful for the people. You can just tap anywhere on your screen and close the app at once.

Dark Mode and light mode

Switching between dark mode and light mode is easy. You can prefer any mode of your choice. You can just easily concentrate on the dark mode because it reduces the consumption of the battery and also increases your device performance. You can enable any mode.

It’s your choice. Light mode is also good. Some people like light mode, and some like dark mode. It mainly depends on the interface it shows up on the screen while switching between them.  Both look attractive but based on your device performance you can set the mode as you wish.

Screen Brightness control

On the screen itself, you can easily set the brightness. Each time if you want to control the brightness you need to pull down the drop-down Menu and adjust it.

So now in this mod apk you can see the brightness controller on your video screens only. Just you can slide the screen where it is and then easily control the brightness of your screen or the video.

Completely Ads Free and sponsor blocked

You will not see a single ad while watching a video. All the sponsored ads are blocked and not visible to you in this youtube pink mod version. It is not distracting to see the ads in the middle of any video.

This is the worst thing that users are experiencing when using the YouTube application. Download this application so that you can be free from ads and also from any type of sponsored advertisements.

Installation Guidelines and steps For Pink YouTube APK mod version

Notice: People who do not know how to install these kinds of mod apks can just follow these below-mentioned steps. These steps help you to download and install the mod apk easily without causing any damage to your device or any data. So do not neglect this part of the article because it is so important for you all to know the proper process to install the application.

  • This site itself provides you with the download option or the link for you to download. So just click on it to get the download process started.
  • After this wait for some time until it gets downloaded. Wait patiently until it gets 100% downloaded. Do not hurry and spoil your download process.
  • Do not click anything until the download gets completed.
  • After the download has been completed, you should locate the file on your device where it has been stored by default.
  • Then click on the downloaded file.
  • You will see the install button. Click on that.
  • Then you shall grant the permission if asked but before that, you need to go to your settings and turn on the option called enable unknown resource.
  • This will make your installation start right away.
  • So the installation process will get started after some time your installation will be completed you can just open the application and use it.

Download Youtube Pink Apk

App Name Youtube Vanced Mod Apk
Supported with Android version 6.0 and Above
Latest Version v18.21.34
App size 80 Mbps
Monthly searches 1 Million Above

Download v18.21.34

Download Apk

Pinky Youtube Apps Review

is a platform where you will see more modded apks. This YouTube Pink is developed by them and this has been a very good application to use and experience. So there are many reviews about this apk. All good ratings are provided by the users who have already used this. So download this now and share your experience with us.

This version is a good modded application. Because there are so many people who are using this application already. This apk is running safely now and without any issues. If you have any type of issues related to this application please do mention those in the comment section and also do not forget to get the reply from us. So that your doubt or any problem will be solved easily.

FAQs about Youtube Pink Application Download

Q1: Is YouTube Pink free from ads?

Yes, youtube pink doesn’t provide you with any type of ads. You will not see any ads while you are watching a video. So youtube pink is free from ads and it blocks all the ads coming in front of you.

Q2: Which one is the best feature of YouTube Pink mod APK?

The best one is that you will get to set a new theme which is pink in color. So you will be able to edit the theme also. Depending on your choice you can edit it as you desire and make the interface so customized that it should be attractive for anyone who sees it.

Q3: How to update the Pink YouTube mod application?

Updates are not provided automatically in the app itself. Because this is a third-party developed application so the updates cannot be found inside the app. To update this apk you need to visit the site and then find the latest version to download and install.

Q4: Is YouTube Pink mod version Available for IOS devices?

No, this application is not available for ios devices. You will not see this mod Apk for your ios devices. Youtube pink is only available for Android devices.

Q5: Is YouTube Pink APK safe to use?

This is an illegal application to use but still, you are in a safe zone. This application is not the same as the other applications. So you will see no restrictions and also no issues related to this. YouTube pink is absolutely safe for you and will not cause any damage in case you use it.

Q6: How to use YouTube Pink mod apk on PC?

To use this mod application on your PC, you should install an Android emulator and then you can run this mod app on your PC easily without any issues. Without an Android emulator, it is not possible to run this application on your PC. So blue stacks are one of the best options for you to use for your PC.


This youtube pink apk is the same as the YouTube application. You should know about the extra features and options this application has. Without involving in any type of payment options you will get to see all the premium features unlocked in this application. So download this download youtube pink now. So many members are already using this apk and are enjoying using it. Now it’s time for you people to download and enjoy using this mod apk.

By reading the article completely you will have a complete knowledge about this application. And also you will be very much satisfied by the features it resides in. So download this apk and install it on your device for better performance and experience. You can watch everything for free and also without ads. Tv shows and movies and also many other contents will be available for you.

Disclaimer: The content here is only provided by the third-party management of this site. You should know that we are not the owners of this mod application. If you want to contact them you can visit the official site and you shall see the option to contact them easily. This is just to educate people and provide knowledge about this application.

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