YouTube Red APK v18.21.34 Download For Android 2023

This Youtube Red Apk Download 2023 will give you no ads. And also many advanced features. A dark theme is also available for you. Downloading is also possible now and a Customization option is also available. Finally, you will see better performance and a well-optimized interface.

Official YouTube has been so popular that we can enjoy streaming videos and also enjoy creating content and uploading into it. Anyone who is talented can earn through a YouTube application. It is easy and requires hard work. People always love to see videos, movies, comedy movies, and many more children’s shows and all. You will be seeing the ads coming in the middle while watching a video.

One of its mod versions is YouTube Red Mod Apk. This version is not an official version which you can get in the play store. This is not available on Play Store and all. This mod version is available for you on its official site only. With advanced and more different features this application has been developed.

Nowadays everyone will be always involved in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and also YouTube. YouTube is the one which will make us stream videos and also short movies. The YouTube application has been so helpful for everyone and as time passes it’s the best application. You should know there are more versions of YouTube.

The download link has been provided in this article. If you are interested in using such an application you can download the app now. Or else you can enjoy using the old official YouTube application. Please do share this article with everyone and make them use this YouTube mod version because this version is very good and provides you with more advantages.

What is YouTube Red mod apk?

If you have an Android device then you should surely try this application for once. Everyone will love this application for sure. Just get this downloaded from the download link given here or else you can visit the official site for more versions. After downloading just follow the installation steps given in this article to install the application.

This actually is a modded version of the official YouTube application. Official YouTube application will provide very few features. With those little features, it is so popular around the world. So this YouTube version is way better than that. Premium and many more things are unlocked in this app.

Download Apk 

This mod version will not give access to any ads to pop up and all. So you need to understand the difference between This mod version and the official YouTube app. This version can be downloaded on all Android devices easily. You will not see any restrictions to download this app.

Existing Features OF Youtube Red Apk Download apkpure latest version

As you would like to know the features of this Youtube red apk 2023, the features have been mentioned here below. You can go through it and know about some of the features which make a major impact.

Snoozing the Watching Time

This feature is the newest one. This feature will be so helpful for people because if anyone is always on YouTube and not getting out of it. These situations arise in some cases. So this feature can snooze the watching time. You can set it up in the settings options to turn off the video after 20 mins or something like that. This will help everyone to keep their eyes safe and healthy. This actually saves your battery health also.

Multiple Language Subtitles

Subtitles are mainly for those who will not understand some particular language and they need the subtitles to understand it completely. You will be seeing it in many videos. So this YouTube will provide you with any language subtitles for free. There will be dubbed movies available for you but still, if you need the subtitles this Youtube red apk Uptodown has the feature of providing you multiple language subtitles for free.

Ads Free Performance control

So this Apkreal Youtube Red is not as we think. This mod version is very good and safe to use. Without any ads, you can watch all the movies and videos for free.

Ads are free in the sense you will not see any ads while you are streaming any videos or something. You will not have any ads popping up while you will be watching the YouTube shorts also. Seeing ads will be a distraction for the people who always will be using YouTube.

Customizing option

As you see in the official YouTube application, you will not be able to edit something or customize anything. But in this youtube red apk 2023, you will have an edit option through which you can customize any part of your YouTube application. You can set it up as you desire which will make the viewers so attractive. This feature will make the interface so attractive and beautiful. So many people love this feature to use.

Downloading various Content

Downloading the videos from this youtube red premium apk is now easier. You can also keep the videos in the watch later section. If you desire to download any videos it is now easier for you because the download speed has been faster now. You can select any quality you want and then you can download the video. Qualities like 360p, 480, and 720p will be available for you to download.

Best video watching Recommendations

Recommendations can be seen on your YouTube homepage itself. It mainly depends on the interface of YouTube. You will be able to explore many categories of content. And also you will be able to download each and every content for free. Best recommendations you will see in this mod version. You should go through the guidelines and also the policies of these youtube red vanced apk. You can also upload your content in this YouTube app. You can create any content outside YouTube and upload it to this application. It is easy now you should just know about all the policies that this app carries.

Easy-to-use Interface

As mentioned earlier, you will see the same interface and also the same features as official YouTube only. But this YouTube will provide some extra features. You can easily customize your screen on youtube. This YouTube Red version will surely make an impact on all the people who use this. So download it and get a good experience using it.

Dark Theme and light theme

As you know that there are two themes actually or else you can say two modes. Light mode and dark mode. You can adjust these based on your choice. You can easily set it up as a light theme and also as a dark theme. If you set up the light theme it will affect your eyes for sure. So the dark mode is way better than the light mode. You can easily switch modes with just one click.

  • Language Subtitles: You can also switch to any subtitles which you want. You can select your preferred language and then keep them as subtitles for any video that you would like to stream.
  • Theme facility: In this new YouTube Red mod version you can edit the themes and also set a nice theme for your YouTube interface to look attractive.
  • Ads Free Performance: This mod apk will not have any ads popping up for you while you are watching any video or any movies. This is totally ad-free YouTube. The developers have blocked all the ads in this youtube version.
  • Download: Downloading has been so easy now because there will be no issues while downloading. You can download any content related to any category easily.
  • Clean Interface: In this mod version of YouTube you will see many recommended videos. This mod apk’s interface will surely be useful for you and attractive.

Download Youtube Red Apk

App Name Youtube Vanced Mod Apk
Supported with Android version 6.0 and Above
Latest Version v18.21.34
App size 80 Mbps
Monthly searches 1 Million Above

Download v18.21.34

Download Apk


All the features which make a major impact on the users are mentioned above. You can go through it. For the installation steps you should see below you will get the installation steps which are easy to follow and execute. All the premium features are unlocked. More like it is YouTube with no ads and also with no distractions. Downloading has been made easy. So download this application from You will get the download link easily and also the safest link you will get to download.

Briefly, if you would like to know about this apk it is one of the most popular mod apk on YouTube. You will see more advanced features which are not seen on the official YouTube application. So download this apk and enjoy every feature which is available for you. This is developed with a beautiful interface and also with more advantageous features. Everyone will love to use this application.

Red YouTube mod version application Review

Some of the apps related to this are not safe nowadays and also this YouTube Red has not been the safest among other versions previously. So YouTube is now safer and developed with antivirus features. You can download the latest version of download youtube premium apk cracked and use it without any fear. Previously this apk was not safe and it was very free to hack anyone’s data. So this YouTube version is very good now and it is in the safe zone. You can download the YouTube Red mod apk from.

youtube red apk old version is a mod version that is better than all other versions of YouTube. You will see many advanced features and also many good Customization options. This is available for all Android devices and also for Windows OS. You can download this on this site itself or else you can visit the official site and download this version.

Installation Companion For YouTube Red APK latest version

Notice: To use this apk you need to install the application first. So you need to have 4.4 and more Android versions on your devices. Because this is the minimum requirement for every device. If any sign-in problem occurs you need to install the Vanced microG APK.

  • Firstly you need to download the application. You have the link here to download the application easily. Just click on the link and your download will get started. Note that we have provided you the direct CDN link which will lead you to download the apk directly.
  • After the download gets over, you need to install it. So to install this apk you need to turn this option on in your device settings which is ‘enable unknown sources’.  Then your installation will start as soon as you turn on this option. This is a must and should step while you install any third-party application.
  • After all these your installation will get completed. You can then open the application and use it. Your installed application will be present on your Home Screen. You can have a good experience using this apk. Enjoy using the premium features and also many exciting features that are there in this application.

FAQS of Youtube Vanced Red 2023

Q1: what are the steps to update the YouTube Red APK?

  • There will be no updates provided for you automatically in the app itself. You should follow the installation process mentioned above. You need to uninstall this application and then again visit the site and you will see the latest version. You can download it manually by following the steps mentioned above.

Q2: How should I watch videos on YouTube Red for free?

  • You need to just download this application and install it. Then you can watch any videos or movies for free without paying for any feature or something. It is a premium unlocked version so everything is free inside it.

Q3: Is YouTube Red still available for Android devices?

  • Yes, you can get the Youtube Vanced Red Apk to download on the official site of This mod version will not be available in the Play Store. You should visit the site or download it here with the link provided in this article.

Q4: How can you download YouTube Red for free on Android?

  • You can visit the official site to download this application. Or else you can download it here only. We have provided you with the link to download this mod version. This application is now safe and secure to use and experience. It now has antivirus and anti-ban features which makes it easier to judge this app as the safest one.

Q5: How to install the YouTube Red mod apk on my PC?

  • It is easy to run this application on your PCs. You should download an emulator to use this app on your computers. By downloading an Android emulator you will be able to run this application through it.

Q6: Is YouTube Red mod version free?

  • Since this is a third-party developed application, this application is absolutely free to use for everyone. This is not an official youtube application. You can see various types of features which are unique and different from other YouTube applications.

Disclaimer: Everyone should know that we are not actually the original developers of this apk. We are just initiated with Them and we provide you the valid information about this mod version and are not involved in any development activity. This is to educate people who tend to use this mod version.

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